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Air TV

Post by kiyoko.kitsunechan » Mon 05.12.2008 7:32 pm

I finished that series like, last month.
I was wondering, does anybody like it here?
I think its very sad, but its a cute/good series.
Misuzu is so...sweet. <3
"Hi :]

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Re: Air TV

Post by sawa » Wed 05.14.2008 7:39 am

I didn't watch the full thing because I couldn't find all the episode when I was watching it.(a few year ago) But, I did like the show. :)

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Re: Air TV

Post by aoi_sakana » Mon 06.16.2008 7:41 am

I finished the whole series in one day and..
i can't believe i cried at the last episode >_<

I really like Misuzu.. Her 'Gao' is veeeery irresistible :lol:

BTW, NIce to meet you all ^_^

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Re: Air TV

Post by ButterflySins89 » Thu 06.19.2008 11:07 am

I couldn't find all the episodes, so i had to give up on it. I got half way through the series, is the last episode that sad?

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