Japan Highway English Site: Requesting Comments

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Japan Highway English Site: Requesting Comments

Post by Harisenbon » Thu 06.19.2008 9:06 pm

So, my company is currently going to be re-designing the Japan Highways English website, and we're looking for ideas from foreigners who are living, or have lived, in Japan as to what kind of features they would want / find useful.

The site was going to originally be marketed towards foreign tourists coming to Japan until I pointed out the fact that the JR Rail Pass is only 2万, and that most people visiting Japan will not be using cars. The look on everyone's face was priceless. :D

In any case, we're redesigning the site to be useful to foreigners who are in Japan, but haven't been here long enough to really get to know the surrounding areas. Mainly AETs and 短期間 Engineers and that sort of thing.

I'm considering some of the items below, but if you have any ideas of opinions, please send them my way.
I want to make a site that will help foreigners get a better grasp of Japanese local culture, instead of focusing only on the big cities, and the famous sites.

* Local Events throughout Japan (especially those you can't get to by train)
* Local famous foods or items.
* A travel cost calculator
* Ryokans and Minshuku Listings (Bed and Breakfasts)
* Tourist Spots
* Popular foods / items for foreigerns (like those cute little takayama dolls)
* English Map of Japan (Google-map like)
* English ServiceArea info
* Comment section for each tourist spot, food, Ryokan, etc

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Re: Japan Highway English Site: Requesting Comments

Post by two_heads_talking » Fri 06.20.2008 4:09 pm

HOW ABOUT historical sights? (Areas of interest in the history of Japan) This might be included in what you are calling Tourist sposts. However, I am speaking more of areas that might be off the beaten path etc..

Fuel station locations and possible train station locations as well as subway locations? I realize these won't be on the highways, but a simple map to get to a train station or subway from the highway would be nice.

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Re: Japan Highway English Site: Requesting Comments

Post by bobbywafre » Fri 06.20.2008 5:43 pm

A gasoline price index kind of like this example for Los Angeles

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