Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Post by Duality » Mon 06.23.2008 11:46 am

Hi people! Sorry for clogging up this forum with my threads, I'm nearly done.

I've essentially only just started studying the Japanese language and already I find myself wanting to look up a lot of words. So far I'm using fairly dodgy online services to do this and it's just not cutting it.

I've heard dictionaries are nearly essential for newbies but I can't find any guides for what to buy. So just a few questions...

1- What type of dictionary?
Do I get a Kanji dictionary or some other form of dictionary? I'm totally in the dark about this and I don't even understand the different types. I know that sounds amazingly stupid but I haven't started on Kanji yet and so the different varieties of dictionaries counfound me. Please help!

2- Do I go all out or stay simple?
I'm kind of expecting people to suggest buying a really good thick expensive one, but I've seen similar suggestions before and as a newbie the cash investment and information overload in these books is often too much for me. Any opinions?

3- Japanese-English, English-Japanese? Both? Wha?
Does this matter? I was thinking of going for both, or English-Japanese because how can I look up a Japanese word I don't know otherise? By knowing it first? If I knew it why would I look it up! XD Are the 'two way' dictionaries the best bet?

4- Any specific dictionary suggestions for beginners such as myself?
It's a good thing to ask. I'm a fan of books published by Kodansha personally because I've had good experiences with other smaller books from that publisher, how are they for dictionaries?

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Re: Dictionaries?

Post by two_heads_talking » Mon 06.23.2008 1:52 pm

ok, you are new, so I won't be so blunt, but please, feel free to use the search functions..

a quick search of the word dictionary got me 3307 posts withing these forums..


I will even be so kind as to pu the search link in here for you..

good luck.. if you don't find what you are looking for there, let us know..

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