My son has cancer

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Re: My son has cancer

Post by katafei » Thu 05.29.2008 3:07 pm

God...isn't waiting just the hardest thing to do??!!
Does he have any idea how long it takes before he gets the results after he had the examanation?
Let's hope this is a sign they don't think it's anything too serious.

gambatte, Rich-san.
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Re: My son has cancer

Post by richvh » Wed 06.25.2008 9:36 am

My son finally had the colonoscopy. Two polyps were found. He won't know the results of the biopsies for two weeks.
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Re: My son has cancer

Post by becki_kanou » Wed 06.25.2008 9:56 am

I hope they will be benign. My thoughts are with you.

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Re: My son has cancer

Post by clay » Wed 06.25.2008 6:47 pm

Of course, please keep us updated. Japanese language learning materials
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Re: My son has cancer

Post by kanadajin » Sun 06.29.2008 6:31 pm

Jeez the suspense is killing me, I hope he's alright.
And I'm sorry you and he had to go through this, no one deserves such fear.

But I'm sure he'll be okay. :)
Besides that I really don't know what to say, I've never had any similar experiences.

- My best wishes to you and your son.

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