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base + stem verbs

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base + stem verbs

Postby neocarbunkle » Sun 09.04.2005 11:02 am

Ive been studying almost daily for 9 months now. I am almost finished with my "japanese for everyone" text book. However I run into a problem when trying to translate

as you all know you can take a verb base add a stem and conjigate it to form an expression

such as

verb + koto +ni suru
means to decide on (verb)

So when translating I can figure out the verb stem but the stuff after I have no way of knowing what it says if it isnt in my text book. So is there a book that would simply list them all (I also have "japanese verbs and essentials of grammar" by rita l lampkin, but it only has about 20 pages of them)

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RE: base + stem verbs

Postby tsan_aznboi » Fri 10.21.2005 8:09 pm

Try "The Handbook of Japanese Verbs " by Taeko Kamiya. You can purchase it at Amazon.com under $15. It has verb conjugation and it shows how to use each conjugation in sentences. Aslo in has the other stuff that your're refer to. Also it has a total of 192 pages.

Contact me at on this site if you have other questions.:D
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