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Vocabulary In Genki

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Vocabulary In Genki

Postby Gaddo » Tue 07.29.2008 3:47 pm

I'm nearing the end of Genki I and am wondering if i messed up on the way. I don't know if i was suppose the vocab and the kanji's that are in it, or just the lesson's specific Kanjis that come up. So I was just doing the 10-15 kanjis that were scheduled to be learned in the lesson. Did I do something wrong since the beginning?
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Re: Vocabulary In Genki

Postby sushi4ever » Wed 07.30.2008 6:38 pm

I don't think that you did it wrong, as far as I remember Genki's supposed to teach you around 300ish Kanji so it does sound that you did just fine. I'm also learning the Kanji alongside with it, although sometimes I throw in the very common ones as well like 行く、食べる、飲む、色、円 (not taught in the early stages but they're so easy)and so on but that's just me.

Jumping onto Kanji can be saved for after completing Genki II I think. This way you can concentrate more on grammar and vocabulary without having the huge "burden" of Kanji-learning.

(I cheat, I occasionally can't restrain myself from doing some pages in the Basic Kanji Book ^^")
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