Looking for Japanese Fonts

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Looking for Japanese Fonts

Post by cappy89 » Tue 07.15.2008 10:54 am

(Is this even in the right section ? )

I am looking for a font called "ShinTen".
Or even something similar to this:

I`m looking for a free download.
Thank you very very much for any & all help <3

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Re: Looking for Japanese Fonts

Post by Zak. » Thu 07.31.2008 7:53 pm

i dont know about that font but this site is where i get all my japanese fonts i use with photoshop etc , some are amazing imo
you might like the font "holiday"


the fonts with blue next to them are free dl's

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Re: Looking for Japanese Fonts

Post by richvh » Thu 07.31.2008 8:16 pm

Your second image didn't show up.

You might try this site, lots of free fonts there.
Richard VanHouten

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Re: Looking for Japanese Fonts

Post by clay » Thu 07.31.2008 8:19 pm

I'll add these links to the FAQ.
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