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View topic - 今日私は勉強になりました cache

今日私は勉強になりました cache

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今日私は勉強になりました cache

Postby coco » Fri 08.08.2008 12:31 am

Here is the cache of 今日私は勉強になりました thead posted by Dimension-san.
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Re: 今日私は勉強になりました cache

Postby ss » Fri 08.08.2008 12:40 am

Original Post
by Dimension on Wed 08.06.2008 1:51 pm

Please tell me if this is correct or not as some of it were just put together on a hunch.

Posted by Yudan Taiteki on Wed 08.06.2008 2:08 pm

Dimension wrote:今日私は「げんき」テキストブークをよみました

When you want to say 'something called X" use XというY. 「元気」というテキストブック


You should review conjugations of adjectives; the past form of 楽しい is 楽しかった. Use けど instead of でも in the middle of sentences and put it before the comma, not after.

I'm not sure what ねみお is supposed to be.

Posted by richvh on Wed 08.06.2008 2:18 pm

Yudan Taiteki wrote:I'm not sure what ねみお is supposed to be.

Maybe typo for ねむい?
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