2008 Deadline Probelm

The test - experiences, questions or comments
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2008 Deadline Probelm

Post by Stormy32 » Wed 08.13.2008 9:01 am

I have just been on the JLPT website, to take the test in Japan. The deadline is on the 12th September, but I don't arrive until the 9th in Fukuoka. I want to take the test this year whilst I am in Japan, but I dont think I could find my way to a book store that sells the application, fill it in and send it off, on top of doing all my uni things and settling to a new environment.

Is there anyway I can buy and send off the application in the U.K, or online so that it can be sent off and completed before the deadline?



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Re: 2008 Deadline Probelm

Post by coco » Wed 08.13.2008 1:05 pm

Q14 海外(かいがい)から申(もう)し込(こ)むことができますか?

Unfortunately, if you'd like to get an application before your arrival, you have to find someone, who lives in Japan, so that you can get it from her/him.

I think it is easier to get the application after you arrive at Fukuoka.
The list of book stores in Fukuoka is on the JLPT page.
http://www.jees.or.jp/cgi-bin/shotensearch.cgi ( this doesn't seem to work.)
please check the JLPT page→受験案内を買える本屋さんは→都道府県を選んでください→福岡県

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Re: 2008 Deadline Probelm

Post by fielle » Wed 08.13.2008 2:41 pm

No help, but let me mention YAY FUKUOKA!

It is a good city. I liked it a lot. And it's worth taking the train/bus down to Nagasaki if you find a weekend--it's only about 2 hours to get there.

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