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Wagawiki Forum

Do you have any suggestions to the page's content and such?

Wagawiki Forum

Postby Valatunda » Sat 08.16.2008 9:34 am

Could there be a forum for the Wagawiki?

I feel it is a bit forgotten and could use a bit of attention. This could help involve others in it and be an area to check potential article submissions. There is a discussion option in the Wagawiki, but the forum could allow more exposure for that discussion.
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Re: Wagawiki Forum

Postby clay » Sat 08.16.2008 7:36 pm

Good idea.

One of the goals with the site upgrade is to make Wagawiki a part of the site (auto login and similar theme if possible). Once that is done, I think Wagawiki will take off.
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