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Videos/TV learning aids?

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Videos/TV learning aids?

Postby mr_pain » Thu 10.27.2005 5:47 am

始めまして。A few months ago I found the "NHK Japanese" and "Lets Learn Japanese Basic" ( LLJB ) series online as a set of poor quality divx captures. They are INCREDIBLY corny (esp the NHK series) but for a complete beginer such as myself, Ive found them to be an excellent way to learn the spoken language. From what Ive watched so far, LLJB gives quite a solid, gramatical introduction to the language; while the NHK series is more of a "phrase book" based introduction. And when I say introduction I mean that in the loosest sense given that LLJB is 52 episodes and NHK 40! They are in nice, bite-size pieces and are often very entertaining - the only problems with them is that the NHK and LLJB II series lack workbooks and both overly use romaji. If you have the chance or inclination to get them though (both can be obtained as torrents) Id recommend them.

As I said though the quality of the divx caps leaves a lot to be desired - would anyone know if there are DVD versions of these for sale OR of any similar learning materials?
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