JLPT 4 Study Guide!

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JLPT 4 Study Guide!

Post by slaughterj » Tue 09.02.2008 11:58 pm

After much work, we have finally completed the JLPT Level 4 Study Guide! This guide is designed as a convenient 150 page 4"x6" study reference for the JLPT Level 4 and contains the content for the JLPT Level 4 listed in the JLPT Test Content Specification, namely expressions, kanji, grammar, and vocabulary. It also includes (1) the kanji categorized by subject and the vocabulary categorized by tested kanji, (2) brief explanations and example sentences for the tested grammar, (3) some vocabulary categories to help learn related words, and (4) example sentences to help clarify many words and how certain particles are used with verbs and objects. While our website is in process (soon to be at http://www.jlptstudyguide.com), sample pages are available for viewing at: http://www.4shared.com/file/61530845/3c ... esNew.html

This guide is currently at the printers and expected to be available to ship in about one week at a price of $30.00. However, for the limited first printing, we will be offering free shipping, while supplies last! Until our website is up, payments can be made via paypal to jlptstudyguide@yahoo.com.

For any questions, please write us at jlptstudyguide@yahoo.com. Note, we will be traveling for business over the next several days, so please be patient for responses during that time.

Also, if you have any suggestions about other places to promote this guide, please let us know!

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Re: JLPT 4 Study Guide!

Post by somenube » Sun 09.07.2008 11:04 am

That was thoughtful of you! I am sure people, including me, will put it to good use. :mrgreen:

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Re: JLPT 4 Study Guide!

Post by sharon333 » Mon 11.17.2008 6:27 pm

Thanks for all th time you put into it.

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Re: JLPT 4 Study Guide!

Post by Kenitai » Mon 11.17.2008 6:35 pm

:shock: Is there no way to include Maetro into the paying option? I'm very interested in it now...
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Re: JLPT 4 Study Guide!

Post by Sairana » Mon 11.17.2008 11:16 pm

Just in time for them to change the JLPT to 5 levels.

Though honestly, I don't know if that would much affect the content of this guide, other than it would apply to Level 5 instead of Level 4. Just be forewarned that some of the material may differ from the test. (Not that the information isn't great to know, anyway, so if you were gonna get the book, you may as well STILL get the book. :P )

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Re: JLPT 4 Study Guide!

Post by Chase » Sat 11.22.2008 1:46 pm

Well, I signed up for level 4. I've never done an actual Japanese class, but studied by myself since last year. I know all the kanji mentioned here, I know about 80% of the vocab, but I have *severe* problems with listening parts.

That being said, what do you suggest as a last-minute training I could do in those 2 weeks I have left ?

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