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Group Study

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?

Group Study

Postby kaywala » Sun 08.24.2008 10:07 pm

Hi, a friend and I are starting a group to study Japanese together before school starts. Does any one know a good way to stick to a program and realistic goals we could set? We're having trouble getting the program off the ground, but we're both highly motivated individuals. I'm just seeking advice to see if any one else had sucess when studying with another person. Basically, we want to review from the begining and pick up any loose strings that we didn't understand then continue where both of us left off in our studies.
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Re: Group Study

Postby piepiepie75 » Thu 08.28.2008 4:22 pm

In my experience, studying with a friend is a great way to keep yourself motivated in studying :). I would say get a textbook or computer program for you both to work with, and go through them together.
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Re: Group Study

Postby Sairana » Thu 08.28.2008 6:28 pm

How much do you already know? My suggestion may be ridiculously simple if you've already hit something of an 'intermediate' plateau.

Given that.... I'd say you should both get the same textbook and work through it chapter by chapter together. In particular, Genki has lots of exercizes intended to be done with a partner, for instance. I'm not sure about other texts, though.

If you're beyond Genki (1 or 2) then I won't be of much help. I am an extremely lazy self-student. :P
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Re: Group Study

Postby somenube » Sun 09.07.2008 10:22 pm

What level is the group? Is it by JLPT level or different? :?:
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Re: Group Study

Postby Dehitay » Mon 09.08.2008 1:15 pm

Since you said you want to review from the beginning and pick up, I'm guessing everybody else's suggestions were probly satisfactory. However, if you are past an intermediate level and want something to do in a group, trying to translate a small Japanese book, or short radio/television broadcast would probly be a powerful way of learning. It forces you to think a lot more than going over pre-designed exercises if no translation is available.
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Re: Group Study

Postby somenube » Thu 09.11.2008 3:23 pm

Don't we already have study-groups by JLPT? I wanted to join last year but it felt like there was no-one there. Maybe we should start an official study-group. :?
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