2008/2009 Cosplay/Anime events in Japan? 御世話 に なります

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2008/2009 Cosplay/Anime events in Japan? 御世話 に なります

Post by damarr » Fri 09.12.2008 4:15 am

はじめまして.よろしく お願いします ^^

I'm an american living in japan, looking for cosplay events. Also, how do the locals treat americans at these events?

Generally everone I've met in Japan has been super nice and my feeble attempts at the language are usually met with very nice compliments (even though I feel I'm very much the beginner).

I've been working hard to learn the language and can even type some Japanese thanks to IME.

いつもう すみません

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Post by becki_kanou » Fri 09.12.2008 4:27 am

If you are interested in cosplay you should go to Akihabara. They have all kinds of cosplayers there. Other than that I suggest googling コズプレ +イベント.

I can't imagine that cosplayers would be too much different from other Japanese in how they interact with newly-met foreigners, ie: polite and curious but a little shy.

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