Matsuiichi, ready for teaching.

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Matsuiichi, ready for teaching.

Post by Matsuiichi » Sat 10.29.2005 5:20 pm

Hello, My name is Matsuiichi. I recently became a member of this site, and I must say that I'm happy to be here with so many people that are interested in Japanese.

Let me say a little bit about myself. I'm a student in Connecticut. and I run the Japanses Language club at my school. In other words, I teach Japanese to all the cute little high school children that come and see me.

I'm very interested in teaching Japanese to those who want to learn, so, if you want to, I'm usually around.

Contact me at:

AIM: Kaze no Hanabi

I hope to talk to you soon!



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RE: Matsuiichi, ready for teaching.

Post by Zeo » Sat 10.29.2005 5:27 pm

ようこそ:) はじめまして :)

And welcome to this page:)

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RE: Matsuiichi, ready for teaching.

Post by kousou » Sat 10.29.2005 5:48 pm

Welcome. ^^
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