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View topic - Japanese Folk songs.. なごり雪 / イルカ

Japanese Folk songs.. なごり雪 / イルカ

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Japanese Folk songs.. なごり雪 / イルカ

Postby two_heads_talking » Tue 10.14.2008 11:54 am

When I was in the Army, our linguist teacher had us listen to a few songs and translate them. I was 26, had been married 4 years, and had one daughter (3) at the time. I had just returned from a translation mission in Sapporo so, the is song was particularly impressive to me.. I believe イルカ was the original singer.. Does anyone know if that is correct? This was also one of the songs I did at the end of a mission when all the soldiers were singing Karaoke.. It's not exactly a male centric song, but it was the only song I knew, that was on the Karaoke tracks.. lol

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2SiPR3v ... re=related

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DbSDbtJ ... re=related

edit: oh yeah, I had been trying to figure out the name of this song for about 5 years now.. and stumbled across it just the other day.. It brought back some memories, so forgive my nostalgia.. :wink: Feel free to comment or otherwise have a go at me, I realize it's not the first silly thing I've done..
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Re: Japanese Folk songs.. なごり雪 / イルカ

Postby coco » Tue 10.14.2008 8:34 pm

two_heads_talking wrote:I believe イルカ was the original singer.. Does anyone know if that is correct?


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Re: Japanese Folk songs.. なごり雪 / イルカ

Postby Pork Chop » Tue 12.16.2008 8:09 am

That song's pretty sweet, thanks for the heads up.
The more Japanese folk music I listen to, the more I like.
I cut my teeth on Okinawan music because I went to high school there, so most Jpop and Jrock doesn't do much for me.
One of my best friends busted out with this song right before he left to move back to Japan:
He's one of those guys with a really good, husky voice so his was probably even better than that vid; either way, the song's been stuck in my head ever since.
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