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Kanji poll

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Re: Kanji poll

Postby jt » Sun 04.20.2008 10:11 pm

Oracle wrote:If you can count the number of kanji you know, you don't know enough yet!

To take Oracle's point a step further(?), I'd say that if you're asking yourself "How many kanji do I know?" instead of "How many kanji can I read and understand in context?" or "What sort of Japanese materials can I read?"

...then there's a good chance that your method of studying kanji isn't as meaningful or effective as it could be.
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Re: Kanji poll

Postby Fenderboy » Mon 04.21.2008 6:06 pm

Uhhhh around 10...

and I've only been studying Kanji for around 4 days... so yeah... :?
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Re: Kanji poll

Postby somenube » Fri 10.24.2008 11:09 am

Counting heisig's method, 450ish. If that doesn't count then I just know 200ish. :D
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Re: Kanji poll

Postby nukemarine » Sun 11.16.2008 8:18 am

Like others, this is difficult to gauge. I can recognize and write from memory 2200 kanji. I can probably pronounce words correctly of about 300 kanji. I probably have a 1200 word active vocabulary. Basically a newbie.

Any other bodily measurements of mine you need to know?
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Re: Kanji poll

Postby Kenitai » Sun 11.16.2008 9:50 am

250-300 ,,, not including the 2 character kanji compounds
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