Hi all!

New members may introduce themselves in this forum
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Hi all!

Post by WinningDays93 » Thu 10.23.2008 8:41 pm

Hi everyone, thought I'd introduce myself. I've had an interest in studying Japanese for a while, but only recently started studying seriously. I got Japanese For Busy People, and I'm working on memorizing Hiragana before I actually start the book (even though I bought the romanized version by mistake, oh well). I kinda have to study on my own, since my high school doesn't offer any Japanese courses (though I have considered eduFire). Hopefully posting on here will keep me motivated! :D


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Re: Hi all!

Post by becki_kanou » Thu 10.23.2008 9:40 pm

Hello and Welcome to TJP
Good luck with your studies!

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Re: Hi all!

Post by chikara » Thu 10.23.2008 9:57 pm

TJP e youkoso

I have the Japanese For Busy People series (kana editions) so I may be able to help you on any specific questions relating to the books although I believe there is now a newer edition than the ones I have.

ganbatte :)
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Re: Hi all!

Post by sushi4ever » Mon 10.27.2008 9:46 am


I hope you're having a lot of fun learning Japanese! ^^
my japanese learning blog: http://pimpmysushi.livejournal.com

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Re: Hi all!

Post by two_heads_talking » Wed 10.29.2008 11:06 am

welcome aboard

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