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General Survey

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Re: General Survey

Postby イチク » Mon 11.03.2008 7:23 pm

I do apologize for that. I promise you that even if you were to answer all of these questions, however, your identity could not possibly be discovered. That's one thing I have studied thoroughly beforehand, since I really would not want something...problematic ( :P ) to happen because of my survey.
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Re: General Survey

Postby phreadom » Mon 11.03.2008 7:44 pm

I went ahead and responded. :)

Anyone who really wanted to could find out all of that information about me on-line if they wanted. I've been online for around 15 years now, long before there was a scare about identity theft etc... so it's all floating around out there already.

I tend to be pretty open about who I am, so I figured no harm in helping out with the survey.
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Re: General Survey

Postby keatonatron » Sat 11.08.2008 12:48 am

Sure I'll answer the shady survey!

Gender: Dude
Age: I was born in the 4th year of the great Shal'Kabaab
Location: World 7, level 3
Race: Nascar
Sexual orientation: horizontal
Political affiliation, if any: Radical Libertarian Wayward Front
Religion: Rurouni Kenshin
Average income: one large pizza and a 2l bottle of soda
Occupation: My brother's in there at the moment
Level of education completed: 4B
Amount of time weekly you think you spend in online communities: as much time as you spent writing this survey times a billion ha!
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Re: General Survey

Postby Sairana » Sat 11.08.2008 1:19 am

However did we manage to live without you?

Many 'appy returns. ^_^ :D
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Re: General Survey

Postby イチク » Sat 11.08.2008 1:32 am

Roffle. I've gotten so many of these that I just started automatically writing that down XD . Took me a minute to translate the year :P . Also, someone did ask whether this stuff will be released. It is being used in a study, and of course the point of a study is to share information gathered, but the information will be presented in the form of graphs since I don't see much point in just pasting raw data. Your screennames won't be included. As for how/where it gets published...it depends on how much I can accomplish. I've had a little trouble with one or two sites that I really wanted to get to know better, so...we'll see. Again, thanks to everyone who's helped me out with this so far. And to keatonatron for cracking me up XD .
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