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Hey I'm new

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Hey I'm new

Postby kentaku_sama » Fri 11.21.2008 6:00 pm

Hey guys, I'm new here, and have tried to study japanese for like 3 years, this includes watching anime in japanese with subtitles and listening to nothing but japanese music. Yeah, I fail in love with japan ever since I watched naruto when It first came on tv in america. Anyway I bet you guys can help me with my studies. I would like to be fluent and I'm willing to put my time into it. Other than japan I like to:

Play the piano, I've played for about 2 years and I am kind of obsessed with music, I want to compose and improvise professionally. And everyone says that I'm so good because Instead of putting off practice, I just sit at the piano and play random chords and songs and practice songs I know. This also includes my lessons. ^^

I also am an artist, I've drawn for like 3-4 years but got serious about drawing about 2 years ago. I'm the illustrator for a an un official manga called sub-ZERO, which will be online somewhere soon.

I love bleach and naruto, they're my 2 favorite anime.

Anyway hope you guys will like some of the same things I do. :)
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Re: Hey I'm new

Postby grwn » Fri 11.21.2008 6:22 pm


Welcome to the site and good luck with your studies :)

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Re: Hey I'm new

Postby becki_kanou » Fri 11.21.2008 11:59 pm

Welcome to TJP and good luck in your studies!
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