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そう こう どう Explain

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そう こう どう Explain

Postby kentaku_sama » Mon 11.24.2008 1:11 am

Recently,I learned about そう can someone give me some sentences and info with translation using そう こう and どう.

I knew dou was "how" but I wasn't sure on how to use it.
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Re: そう こう どう Explain

Postby Yudan Taiteki » Mon 11.24.2008 11:04 am

A textbook, or a grammar reference book like Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar, or even Tae Kim's site, will answer this kind of question.
-Chris Kern
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Re: そう こう どう Explain

Postby okoma » Sun 01.11.2009 1:28 pm

These are my opinion.
これ =this        → こう =this way 
それ ≒it, that   → そう ≒so, that way
(それ points what is located in nearer distances between here and that.)
あれ =that → ああ =that way
どれ =what, whitch → どう =how

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