Writing speed

Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese
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Writing speed

Post by kentaku_sama » Wed 11.26.2008 1:33 am

I enjoy handwriting japanese :) but it takes me sooo long! Well longer than it should at least. It takes me like 1-2 seconds to write 子!! Is there any good way to get faster at writing. I thought that it be a good idea to write something in japanese, a paragraph or so, and give myself a time limit. then reduce the time limit slowly until hopefully I can write much faster.

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Re: Writing speed

Post by tōkai devotee » Wed 11.26.2008 1:58 am

Why the need for speed?? Probably accuracy and writing correct stroke order is more important than speed. Having said that, all of those things can only get better with practice. So you should practice! With computers and IME and so-on, it's so easy to type Japanese, and I don't actually know too many people who write in Japanese very often. But I do enjoy writing Japanese as well. It's just my laziness that prevents me from doing so!

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Re: Writing speed

Post by Infidel » Wed 11.26.2008 6:03 am

Don't practice writing faster, practice writing correctly. Speed with most things comes with practice to a point. After you reach that point and still wish to go faster, then you can start pushing yourself, but for now, I wouldn't worry about speed at all.

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