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Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Learning Tip/Idea

Post by leonl » Fri 11.28.2008 7:29 pm

Celebrate Small victories. Too often we get caught up in the big picture, especially with learning a language like Japanese, most of us as learners see that 2000 kanji, 10000 words goal of the JLPT and thats the only thing we ever think about. Take pride in the small things you accomplish. I've finally started seriously working with my textbooks, I now have two decks in Anki one for vocab and one for example sentences to drill patterns, tonight I'm also going to start making paper flash cards as well to have with me on the bus or at work. This is a victory(a small one) because I've had the books for about two months now and haven't really done anything with them. I have also devolped an overall study plan about how I plan to use the book and the audio material I'm going to use with it.

One of my classmates in my literature class, an older Japanese women found I was studying Japanese and started asking me simple questions; like when did I start studying e.t.c. It took me a few akward seconds to piece together the words in my mind and speak an answer, but I still did it, and was proud of myself for being able to do it considering I haven't actively studied Japanese since the middle of August. I say all this not to preach to anybody or anything like that . Just to say celebrate the small milesetones it'll make the journey to the JLPT 1 or 2 or whatever your goal is a lot easier.
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