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View topic - How does manga change your emotions??

How does manga change your emotions??

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Re: RE: How does manga change your emotions??

Postby yukamina » Fri 10.31.2008 11:57 pm

Hatori wrote:
enpitsu00 wrote:

PS: IS was one manga that really was well-DISTURBING. Yeah, don't expect me to read that again :o

Awww, how inspiring from IY and Naruto. XD :D
IS is VERY disturbing. My best friend, her little brother, and I all went to buy manga one day and I showed my bff's little bro an IS book and he asked me the funniest thing:
"Is IS for perverts?"
I cracked up so hard....!

IS? Is that the intersexual manga Aiesu? I found that one pretty interesting, although the art kinda went down hill after a while.
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Re: How does manga change your emotions??

Postby Kenitai » Fri 11.14.2008 5:21 pm

Hajime No Ippo, one of the longest running manga around! Simply I wait for every next prank to be played by one of the characters, which make me really laugh. So I become simply happy once in a while. :D
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Re: How does manga change your emotions??

Postby Kalas » Wed 12.03.2008 2:37 pm

Kodomo no Jikan made me feel like a lolicon :|
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