Techno/Rave in Japan

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Techno/Rave in Japan

Post by Breyyne » Wed 12.10.2008 8:51 am

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find some good techno or rave music from japan. I am mainly looking for the stuff DJ's mix out there. Or maybe even a couple downloadable mixes from live recordings. You like "House" techno.

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Re: Techno/Rave in Japan

Post by keatonatron » Wed 12.10.2008 10:31 am

You could try searching around on My Space, a lot of Japanese DJ's have music uploaded for you to listen to. If you contact them, they might even be willing to sell you a CD through the mail somehow. I'm sure they'd love the attention.

The only major techno artist I can think of right now is Hifana.

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Re: Techno/Rave in Japan

Post by hyperconjugated » Wed 12.10.2008 10:43 am

Try Makoto's Human elements podcasts. Genre is drum&bass and you can actually learn Japanese while listening because Makoto also talks about the songs and his tour schedule and whatnot.
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