Calpis anyone???????

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Re: Calpis anyone???????

Post by clay » Fri 12.12.2008 12:59 pm

Yudan Taiteki wrote:
Harisenbon wrote: 爽健美茶は女向けのお茶です。
I remember the 爽健美茶 CMs (ten years ago?) with lovely women dancing around in white, flowing dresses in the middle of some enchanted forest. I'm positive the ad resulted in more men than women buying the drink :)

I love 爽健美茶 too (Chris, you are not the only guy). I wish Coke would start selling tea in the States! All the tea--even 'green'--has sugar to the hilt. (Why?)

Years ago someone found some sort of mold in a bottle of 爽健美茶 in Tokyo. To this day, I still call it カビ茶. Yumi doesn't like that nickname too much, though. Japanese language learning materials
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