Buying my first anime

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Buying my first anime

Post by Kurious » Wed 12.17.2008 8:58 am

Hi, I want to buy my first anime since it's been many years since I watched any. I'm learning Japanese, but I'm still in the early stages, so I think it's better if I watch it with English subtitles first, and with Japanese subtitles later, so that I can learn some more Japanese. Now, I want to know, if I buy anime, do they include English subtitles; or do they include Japanese subtitles only; or perhaps nothing??? Thanks for your replies.

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Re: Buying my first anime

Post by keatonatron » Wed 12.17.2008 10:00 am

That depends on what you buy and where you buy it. The majority of DVD's made for the US (region 1) include japanese and english voices, and english subtitles. DVD's made for Japan usually don't include any subtitles, and are a lot more expensive.

If you look up whatever DVD you're interested in on or a similar site, they usually have all that info listed. It's also listed on the back of every DVD, if you want to buy one from a store.

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