Anyone playing Persona 4?

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Anyone playing Persona 4?

Post by kilometers » Wed 12.17.2008 5:33 pm

Persona 4's English version release was on the 9th of this month. If anyone likes Japanese style RPGs, likes Japanese culture, and wants a long great game to play on their PS2 this is the game to get. Just like the last game in the series you take control of a high school Japanese student and live out life by going to school, making friends, joining clubs, and spending time with your uncle and cousin in a small rural Japanese called Inaba. Of course you and your group of friends also solve mysterious murder cases and fight off demons in the TV world.

The game itself is really great. There is actually an in-game calandar in which the game follows. You have class Monday-Saturday (it is a Japanese school), you have a homeroom in which the teachers rotate around, and you get Japanese holidays off from school. There's plenty of different Japanese cultural aspects you can experience from the game. Heck, I remember one of the teachers asking me what time a burglar is likely to break into your home (I think the answer was 8AM).

After class you can improve multiple stats by either reading, eating out, and studying, or you can spend time with your friends (social links). By improving these you can create more powerful persona with bonus experience. The personas themselves are summoned in battle to defeat your enemies. When you aren't working on social links you are usually in the newest dungeon solving the next case and slaying demons in turn-based combat. There's plenty to do in this game and it will certainly keep you occupied for many hours.

One thing that some of you might find interesting is how they carry over the honorifics in the translation. Like 3rd year students call you "name-kun" while 1st year call you "senpai". And as you get closer to your friends they omit "san" and just call you (or eachother) by your\their first name.

I'm about 24 hours in and in the month of June and enjoying every minute of this game. So many hilarious parts in May's dungeon. :D

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Re: Anyone playing Persona 4?

Post by hellfirebg » Wed 12.31.2008 8:42 am

I'm playing too and I'm totally obsessed with it ^^. I took up the undub version though, much like Persona 3, mainly because I believe the Japanese dub is way better and this way I can actually practice my listening. I liked the previous game's city setting a bit more than Persona 4's rural environment but on the other hand it's a nice change in the series and in my opinion a breath of fresh air. I'm still in the first 10 hours or so into the game and there's much ahead of me but from what I've seen up until now I can easily consider it the best RPG of 2008.

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