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Post by Dehitay » Fri 12.19.2008 1:15 pm

For those of you that don't know, there's a site called which allows you to make an account, add anime to your mylist, mark which ones you've watched, vote on them, and much more. I would recommend making an account and updating your mylist if you're anything close to an otaku.

However, the purpose of this thread is so that I can see which other TJP members use that site. If you feel like it, add me as your buddy and/or post your uid and username here so others can too. My uid is 196399 and my user name is dehitay (who saw that one coming?). Also, if you haven't already, it would be awesome if you update your settings to let me see your mylist and your personal votes. That way I can criticize your taste, and we can get into a fight (preferably with plastic knives).
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Re: buddies request

Post by CerpinTaxt » Tue 12.23.2008 3:21 am

I use a site that does something very similar called My Anime List. Site is basically based of sorting out your Anime and Manga. There are a few sites out there that also do the same thing and My Anime List was the first one I saw. Now with that out of the way here is my list ^^

I use the site mainly to track what I want to watch next. Browsing around the internet I always saw a show or two I wanted to pick up after my current series. Most of the time though I would forget the series name completely which really annoyed me.
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Re: buddies request

Post by Rafurentse » Sat 02.07.2009 3:48 am

I second's awesomeness~
I did have my list on anidb originally but it's years out of date now ^^;
If you join MAL I'll add!

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