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年賀状 New Year's Cards

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Re: 年賀状 New Year's Cards

Postby Dehitay » Sat 12.27.2008 8:38 pm

clay wrote:hehe. I really should update it. My two year old is now three and I also have a daughter now. I probably should squeeze her in there somehow.

If Makoto is anything like I was when I was three, he would probly want to hold her which would only increase the cuteness of the picture.
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Re: 年賀状 New Year's Cards

Postby OitaFish » Sun 12.28.2008 4:24 am

becki_kanou wrote:it's hard work writing all those addresses.

My wife finished ours yesterday. Only about 30 or so but she mentioned her hand hurt and was planning to use the computer next year.
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Re: 年賀状 New Year's Cards

Postby two_heads_talking » Mon 12.29.2008 10:00 am

clay wrote:Thanks!

It is kind of hard to see, but that snarl Makoto has in the picture is his 'smile.' When someone asks him to "smile" he does that. Here also.

someone must have made a really odd face when they said, "say chiizu".... (lol) sorry, I just find that face very funny.. :mrgreen:
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