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Looking for site or book with mnemonics.

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Looking for site or book with mnemonics.

Postby meburke » Sun 11.06.2005 4:18 pm

Back in 1979 I got a book from Japan Airlines that had a bunch of common Japanese words and phrases illustrated with mnemonic memory aids. I've lost the book over the years, but a couple of years ago I found a web-based presentation of the same book. Unfortunately, the bookmark didn't survive a hard drive crash, and now I can't find it anywhere. I wonder if anyone here can help me find either a copy fo the book or the website?

The content was like this: There was an illustration of an odd-looking fellow named "Oddy" who had a swollen big toe, and if you could remember "Oddy-got-toe" you could remember how to say "Thank you". (One of my Aikido instructors said my pronunciation was perfect when I asked him for directions in Japanese using the phrases I learned from this book.) I am interested in other books that use mnemonics also.

BTW, I have tried a number of pretty good courses over the years, but the one that helped me the most was the course at Natiional Dynamics. http://www.nationaldynamics.com The Spanish course was especially great!

Thanks for your help,

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RE: Looking for site or book with mnemonics.

Postby KeroGero » Sun 11.06.2005 6:47 pm

Don't know if this is the site, but I googled the phrase you mentioned, "Oddy-got-toe" and found this: http://www.slanguage.com/fj.html

Here's the main page, it has some other languages too: http://www.slanguage.com/
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RE: Looking for site or book with mnemonics.

Postby jinksys » Mon 11.07.2005 5:46 am

Oddy-got-toe, Lol :-D
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RE: Looking for site or book with mnemonics.

Postby Kates » Mon 11.07.2005 10:00 pm

*is reminded of the "Don't touch my moustache" in Toy Story 2 again* -_-
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