The nice weekday surprise

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The nice weekday surprise

Post by fog » Sun 01.04.2009 3:20 pm

Sunday (day of Sun) ,日曜日 and Monday (day of Moon),月曜日have somewhat similar meanings in English and Japanese but for the rest of the week there are no such obvious connections. So it was a nice surprise for me to stumble upon a site explaining the relation between English and Japanese naming of weekdays.

According to this site the similarites also applies to the rest of the weekdays - they are all named after planets, which in English is clear only for Saturday (day of Saturn). The similarites are not coincidence. The naming really has a common origin from ancient Middle East. Quite an interesting story, I think!

fog :)

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Re: The nice weekday surprise

Post by Omnistegan » Sat 01.10.2009 8:22 pm

Fascinating, thanks for the link. Days of the week is something I am currently struggling with in Japanese so I found this information particularly useful.

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