Plotting a lesson plan

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Plotting a lesson plan

Post by Matazi » Sun 01.04.2009 1:28 pm

Recently, I've learned Hiragana and Katakana. I started reading through Genki I, and using iKnow ( on and off. My goal is to study for the JPLT 4(old 3). I'm basically starting from scratch, but since it has recently passed, I figure I'll skip straight to 3; and to be honest, I'm stuck.

Is there a method to learning Japanese as a whole (vocab to grammar to kanji, back around again)? Or, if that doesn't make sense, how should I approach using the Genki textbook alone (without a class)?


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Re: Plotting a lesson plan

Post by Sairana » Mon 01.05.2009 2:56 am

Do you have any specific problems with following the lessons in Genki? Your question is somewhat vague. In what way are you "stuck" if you have the book in front of you? If you have questions, you can always ask them here. Other than that, all I can give you is generic, I-hope-one-of-these-helps-your-problem, type of advice.

Do the exercizes. Some of them require pairs, but do your best to just be both sides of the pair. It lacks some of the spontaneity of having a partner asking you questions, but other than the "think on the spot" aspect, you don't miss out on a whole lot. It can be somewhat simulated with flashcards (one set for the questions and one for the answers).

If you have the workbook, use it religiously.
If you have the audio components, use them religiously.

If you feel overwhelmed, remember to take it one lesson at a time. Do a lesson multiple times if necessary until you are comfortable (but not perfect) with the material, then move on.

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Re: Plotting a lesson plan

Post by ss » Mon 01.05.2009 4:55 am

Just chime in to say, Genki I & II are good textbooks. Make good use of these books, especially when you're trying out the exercises, you might want to come back here to get corrections or further explanation on the grammar points.

One important thing to keep in mind, study them chapter by chapter, and don't miss those footnotes at the bottom with smaller prints, they are very important points. After a few chapters, you'll find some further footnotes which are actually connected to the previous ones. So, it's very important to move on chapter by chapter. You'll see more and more complex sentences.

You should be able to understand most of the straight forward sentences of JLPT3 upon completing Genki series. What Sairana said, do the exercises. Good luck with your studies.

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