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View topic - Anyone watched "Puzzle" (パズル)? Contains a dig at Heisig RTK1

Anyone watched "Puzzle" (パズル)? Contains a dig at Heisig RTK1

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Anyone watched "Puzzle" (パズル)? Contains a dig at Heisig RTK1

Postby Christine Tham » Fri 01.09.2009 8:02 pm

"Puzzle" (パズル) is a TV Asahi j-dorama aired in mid 2008.

I watched it recently on DVD.

The main character is a materialistic and arrogant English language teacher at a prestigious boys high school. A recurring joke is that she is actually incompetent and can't speak English to save her life (literally!), and her method of teaching English is a parallel of the Heisig RTK method for teaching Kanji.

Basically, she only teaches English words to her students, and she relates every word to a story and a Japanese keyword. Her students groan everytime she does this because their command of English is better than hers, and they can clearly see how stupid this method is.

My favourite is her story/keyword for "hesitate" which is 「屁【へ】、していと?」. The "story" was that "even a really self confident person would hesitate before farting in public" :-)

A lot of the episodes also deal with puzzles solving through combining different components of Kanji to make new characters.

Anyway, I thought the (unintentional) reference to Heisig's RTK1 method highly amusing!
Christine Tham
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