What should I be using to write?

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Re: What should I be using to write?

Post by Dustin » Sat 01.10.2009 4:57 pm

two_heads_talking wrote: If you want no rub off, try using a harder pencil, 3h or 4h perhaps. Interestingly enough, mechanical pencils have the ability to hold any hardness/softness of lead available in "wooden" pencils. Believe me, I still do some hand drafted work, even though 98% of my work is done in AutoCad.
All of our Regular assignments were to be done on the computer with the exception of the odd mathematics problems for statics/dynamics and calculus, which could be done in pencil, it was just our lab journals that we were supposed to write directly into with pen, which had no forgiveness ><

They said the reasoning for our scientific notes to be done in pen in these was so it would not ruboff, and it was a good habit to get into, if two people "discovered" the same thing, the one having the lab journals in pen gets more credibility since it can't be erased and modified to fit a date after the fact.

I somewhat understand but I didn't really like doing it. I much preferred to do my write-ups on the computer, but knowing people that took the course with different professors it was pretty standard.

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