MEXT scholarship student

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MEXT scholarship student

Post by Taro » Mon 11.07.2005 11:17 am

Hi! I'm new to the forum but I have been keeping an eye on the site for a long time. I have been tormenting myself over the past weeks over a serious decision I need to take within here and 2-3 months.

I passed the local tests for the Mext Scholarship and in January I will know for sure whether or not I can go. In the mean time I got a letter of accepentance from the university of my choice, so no problem there. I have some questions of a practical nature and I would hope you guys can help me out.

Here's the situation in a nutshell:
> My current language ability is JLPT3-kyuu, well on my way for 2-kyuu
> I would start studying in April 2006
> the program suggested at the univ is as follows:
- 6 months intensive Japanese language study
- 6 months studying as a research student
- 2 years to complete a Master's Degree in Economics/Languages
> I will be staying at the home of a Japanese friend, so no worries there.

The things that keep boggling my mind:

1. How about health insurrance in Japan for foreign students? Don't want to drain my bank account if I end up at the hospital (God forbid!)

2. Drivers Licence: I can get an international one for 1 year, after that I need to get a Japanese one: hard to get? How long is it valid?

3. the scholarship is for 2 years, but my studies take up 3 years. The Japanese embassy said I could apply for an extension of 1 year or more (if I also do Doctoral thesis). Is this feasible? Somebody know whether or not they easily accept extensions?

4. I currently have a rather good job and don't want to lose it. I can apply for an interruption of my contract for one year, after that all is uncertain. Worth the risk?

5. Is it feasible to achieve JLPT1-kyuu level in 6 months?

6. How much is such a degree worth on the job market in Japan and in Europe? I currently have a BA in languages and Economics from an European univ. The Japanese univ I would study at is a recognized public university.

Thank you for your time.

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RE: MEXT scholarship student

Post by Spaztick » Tue 11.08.2005 3:13 pm

I'm not totally sure about all of it, but the Japanese government does have a health insurance plan, however it's somewhat expensive and doesn't cover births, dental work, checkups, perscriptions, or anything viably useful for health insurance. :) It's good for accidents and injuries only, in other words. They might tell you that you can't cancel it if you try to cancel it, but I assure you you can (it says you can, but most people just believe the teller and end up with a bill they don't want).

I've gotten that second-hand, though, from one of the useful links I believe. Hope that helps some! At least you won't have to worry about draining your pocket book.
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