Help me Japan! I need a song suggestion! D:

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Help me Japan! I need a song suggestion! D:

Post by darkzero297 » Fri 01.23.2009 12:21 am

Ok, I don't know anything about music. I don't really listen to anything other than game music.

So, here's the situation. In about a month, some students from Japan are coming over and joining our class. Long story short, at the end of their homestay our Japanese class will do a presentation for them. The only real option is singing a Japanese song. >_>

These students are around the age of 20 and we need an appropriate song that we would actually be able to sing. Most of our class is kinda... insufficient in our Japanese skills but good enough I suppose.

So, appropriate lyrics and genre is the game here.

Suggestions please? D:


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Re: Help me Japan! I need a song suggestion! D:

Post by coco » Sat 01.24.2009 7:13 am

「この地球のどこかで」 might be one of favorable songs for your situation.
You can listen chorus versions and a piano solo version of the song in Youtube.
As for lyrics, you can see them from here.
(The web master of this website seems to have paid certain fees for the copyright holders.)

Personally, I love doing アルゴリズム行進 and アルゴリズム体操.
Check them by searching with "Algorithm March/exercise" in Youtube.

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Re: Help me Japan! I need a song suggestion! D:

Post by outlaws0025 » Thu 02.05.2009 7:05 pm

what about this song called "Konya Tsuki No Mieru Oka Ni" by b'z? You can hear it here and the translation is here but i also have a download link for the song if you think it's the right one.

A few things you might want to know about this song is that it's made by B'z, which is japans best selling band ever and they still make song and so on today. Since the release of their 5th single back in 1990, all their their singles has debuted as number 1 on the oricon. I think it's 45 conseccutive #1 singles. The same goes for their albums - 23 conseccutive #1, which of course also is a record...

The song was used as the theme song in the dorama "Beautiful Life" which had a viewer rating on around 30% per episode and 40% in the last (another record in japan:P)...

Okay, maybe i overdid the explanation a little bit, but i just really love the song and i'm 200% sure on they also know it... I just don't know if it's the right theme.
It's not the hardest song in the world, but it's certainly one that everyone know!

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