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I'm not too clear on this...

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I'm not too clear on this...

Postby taylorpelto » Thu 11.10.2005 1:24 am

I have several questions that, in all of my forum-reading, I didn't really come across any clear answers for.
I am going to be an exchange student in Japan (although with only 2 years under my belt!) and I was wondering about the school uniforms. I am female, so would it be totally taboo if I did'nt want tp wear a skirt? I would much rather wear pants. Would people think I was really weird or something??

Also, will an american DVD play in a japanese DVD player? Also! How about ps2 games? If I get a japanese one will it work?

Just some things I wasn't too clear on, thanks in advance!
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RE: I'm not too clear on this...

Postby yankumi » Thu 11.10.2005 3:02 am

An American DVD will not play on a Japanese DVD player unless it's multi-region. I do not know about games.

I don't know about the school uniforms, but unless someone has a better answer, you may wish to check with the school you are attending as to what exactly their dress code is, if pants would even be allowed for a female student. Because what I am finding online seems to imply that pants would not be permissable.
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RE: I'm not too clear on this...

Postby netarou » Thu 11.10.2005 3:31 am

Neither Japanese PS2 plays American PS2 games.

There are many Japanese girls who don't want to wear skirts.
But I've never seen school girls who wear pants as their school uniforms.
So, I think they accept it unpleasant and you have to be patient a little, too.
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RE: I'm not too clear on this...

Postby Harisenbon » Thu 11.10.2005 4:04 am

Like netarou said, unfortunately, if you're going to a Junior High or High school, school uniforms are almost always mandetory. Your school MAY make a special exception for it, but I would highly doubt it. All the foreign students who study around here have to wear school uniforms, just like every other student.
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RE: I'm not too clear on this...

Postby Txkun » Thu 11.10.2005 4:13 am

I think too that being the only one in a class or school that hasn't uniform will be troublesome (being too much eye-catching) ;)
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RE: I'm not too clear on this...

Postby Kates » Thu 11.10.2005 12:40 pm

I spent a year teaching in Japanese junior highs, and I never saw pants/shorts as part of the girls' uniforms. I too doubt you would be allowed to make an exception. Japanese like uniformity--"The nail that sticks up is hammered down."

However... the students all had gym uniforms as well (usually cotton pants and a zip up jersey for winter, and a t-shirt and shorts for summer), and often the students (boys and girls) would wear them during English class (and, I'm sure, other classes... but I never attened those). I don't know what the rules will be about that, though--I never asked the kids or teachers about it.
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RE: I'm not too clear on this...

Postby nprz » Thu 11.10.2005 3:04 pm

If you are in high school or lower then the dress code is usually strict. If you are in college, then they usually (if at all) don't have a dress code.
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RE: I'm not too clear on this...

Postby taylorpelto » Sat 11.19.2005 9:12 pm

Thank you everyone! Although I am curious on yet another thing. Will american CD's work in japanese cd players and vice versa? I think so, but I would judt like to make sure
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RE: I'm not too clear on this...

Postby AJBryant » Sun 11.20.2005 12:02 am

CDs, yes. No problem.

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