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Postby CajunCoder » Fri 11.11.2005 11:44 am


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RE: わりわり?

Postby richvh » Fri 11.11.2005 12:08 pm

I think what you're hearing is われわれ: we.
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RE: わりわり?

Postby CajunCoder » Fri 11.11.2005 12:51 pm

Ah, I think you're right.

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RE: わりわり?

Postby Harisenbon » Fri 11.11.2005 9:20 pm

And it means us.
The kanji is 我々

I still remember the first time I saw heard the word われわれ was on Japanese startrek when the borg showed up. 我々がボールグだ。あなたが征服される. or something like that.
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RE: わりわり?

Postby mandolin » Fri 11.11.2005 10:18 pm

I learned it meant 'we'. But only in the context of someone who was speaking officially on -beahalf- of an organization (or something similar).

We, the CEOs of Gringott's have decided that Hagrid smells bad.

But watashitachi was for more informal gatherings, referring to one's personal 'in group'.

My reference is the pdf listed in Clay's news on the front page of this site. The link is [url]here[/url].

Similarly, the only place I have heard it so far is in Final Fantasy Advent Children, when Reno says, "We're rebuilding Shinra."

Can you explain more, or is it one of those words of many colors? :)
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RE: わりわり?

Postby coco » Sat 11.12.2005 9:57 am

CajunCoder wrote:

Usually われ われ is used with "particle".
like 「われわれ 〜」「われわれ 〜」「われわれ 〜」「〜われわれだ
Though I'm not sure, isn't it わりぃ わりぃ?
( りぃ sounds like a "ly" in "lily" ).

This expression come from 悪 (わる) い.

If so, the meaning is very close to ごめん、ごめん.
わりぃ わりぃ is rough form of 「ごめん ごめん」.
(ごめん is casual form of ごめんなさい= I'm sorry)

Some boys use that term for their close friends.
Commonly girls and women don't.
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RE: わりわり?

Postby Jingo » Sat 11.12.2005 12:23 pm

Guys, if I may. I don't believe CajunCoder made a mistake; I don't believe he is refering to 'ware-ware', which is a formal "we"...'wari wari' is a coloquial way of saying "Sorry, sorry." Sort of slang-ish. Comes from "warui" which can be used to mean along the lines of "My bad".
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