Homestay In Japan Help/Advice Please?

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Homestay In Japan Help/Advice Please?

Post by europabloke » Thu 03.12.2009 11:52 pm

Hi there,

this in my first post here in a while, but ive been a large fan of the site since before all of these changes, the site looks good though!

Anyway, heres my deal:

I am planning a trip to Japan end of April or so, and i really need some input.

I am going to be doing homestay with some families and apparently they are all over Japan. (I have found some ok sites where i can homestay for a reasonable price, but if you can recommend any please do)

I really want to experience modern Japan like in the city and whatnot, as well as the rural, historical side.

i was thinking like Tokyo so I could see the city and all of that for a month, and then for rural Japan maybe Kyoto or so?

So, what cities can you recommend I stay at? Im a 21 year old bloke and would love to see Japan (a least just SOME of it for now, got a budget XD)

Also, any advice on how I split up my stays to have the most `action` so to speak? Like, busy tokyo for a month or month and half and then Kyoto or something for like a month or half?

My trip stay is dictated by my budget, i would like to stay as long as possible know. Either way though I have max stay of 3 months because of work and other business back home.

In addition, can you give me tips on how to make the most of improving my japanese while there? I have been studying for a bit now, but with work, family problems and the like, I havent gotten nearly as much studying in as id hoped. My level is, if I had to guess, high beginner maybe low intermediate IE i know basic phrases and all that, basic conjugation, can express myself (basics), sorta like that. Maybe basic basic situation depenedent `conversation`

Thank you guys so much! All tips and suggestions are HIGHLY appreciated. I have been wanting to go for a LONG time now and cant believe this is happening, so aside from already being nervous, I am so excited and want to make the BEST I can of it!


pps I am an Austrian / American Dual Citizen


Or maybe I should do like 3 weeks in each city? For a total of 3-4 cities. Can you recommend what 4 might be `best` (so to speak) as well as the best option for how to travel on a tight budget? (i dont think the JRAIL os good for this or?)

Yknow, see the most while still really getting to see each place I visit without moving every couple days
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Re: Homestay In Japan Help/Advice Please?

Post by babyrat » Thu 03.19.2009 2:10 pm have you seen this before?

If you want to see different parts of Japan and learn the language and new skills with it, I think this might be up your street.
Sorry if this isnt somthing your looking for.

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