Calling all classroom learners!

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Calling all classroom learners!

Post by Ashurii » Sun 03.15.2009 7:19 pm

Mods if I'm breaking any rules, please let me know D:

Right now I'm a grad student studying to be a Japanese teacher and as someone who grew up in the big boom of anime, internet and Japanese language learning (and as someone who used TJP to complement my own studies!) I'm interested in finding ways in how the two connect to learners (and how to bridge the gap in my classroom). To that end, I'm conducting some research on learner strategies for students who are both enrolled in a class (high school, university) and actively using internet forums, mixi/facebook, skype, anime, jdrama, manga, etc. to find uses of Japanese outside of their classroom.

So, to make a long story short, I'm looking for some people who might answer some questions for me via email or PM regarding typical classroom activities and how you utilize the internet as a resource. Everything is anonymous and I have a consent form for the IRB and all that jazz. I cannot compensate anyone for their time, unless, that is, they want help with Japanese. :p

Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to participate and I apologize to anyone who may have seen this on another forum. If you have any questions, just message me. :3


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Re: Calling all classroom learners!

Post by kurisuto » Sun 03.15.2009 8:13 pm

No problem ! I'm in my third year in university (hopefully will get my license !) and use a lot internet since about 1 year ago (mostly for Japanese-related things), so if I can be of some help...

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Re: Calling all classroom learners!

Post by Ashurii » Mon 03.16.2009 5:11 am

Thanks, I sent you a PM :D

Some people have mistaken my goal here (to solicit tutoring apparently?), so I wanted to post up some more info so people didn't think that was the case. I've taken some of the personal info out of my consent form (I need consent prior to any question answering as it's for school), but if you want the missing information, just PM me!

Researcher: Ashleigh

Purpose of this Research:
The purpose of this research is to find out how learners position themselves in the learning environment outside of the classroom.

What you will be expected to do:
If you agree to participate in this research you will be agreeing to:
  • 1) Allow me to ask you interview questions through email/private messaging.
    2) Allow me to follow-up with you via email if any further questions exist.

Your Rights:
To confidentiality:
  • The recorded interviews and your class work will remain totally confidential so that you cannot be identified. This means that your name will not be mentioned anywhere in the research paper, publications, or presentations.

To ask questions as any time:
  • You may ask questions about this research at any time. Please PM me for my contact information.

To withdraw at any time:
  • You may ask me to erase or destroy any data at any time without consequence.

This study will help me to better understand how learners view their own learning experiences.

Possible Risks:
There will be no potential risks or discomforts involved in this study.

As this is an anonymous interview, this is no requirement for a signature. However, I will ask you for your consent prior to the beginning of the interview. When you agree to participate you are saying that:
  • I have read this agreement form and, understanding everything, I want to participate in this research study.
    I know that I can ask any question at any time about the research.
    I know I can stop participation in this research at any time (even after agreeing to participate) without any penalty.
    I understand my rights written above.
    If the researcher cannot answer my questions or if I have complaints or comments I can contact: Committee on Human Studies (CHS)

And these are the questions for any curious parties. :3

1. Age:
2. Home country/native language:
3. Current residence:
4. How long have you studied Japanese (n a classroom)?
5. What is your motivation for studying Japanese?
6. What kind of setting has your classroom been (high school, university, study abroad, all of the above)?
7. What kind of classroom instruction have you typically been exposed to (pair work, worksheets, translations, native interactions)?
8. What resources do you frequently use outside of the Japanese classroom? (Internet forums, anime, manga, jdrama, skype, mixi, facebook, lang-8, etc.) Please list all applicable items and how long you've been using them.
9. Why do you use these? (a reason for each resource as listed above would be great!)
10. How do you feel these affect your knowledge and utility of the Japanese language?

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Re: Calling all classroom learners!

Post by CerpinTaxt » Mon 03.16.2009 7:33 pm

Taking Japanese in High School right now. I would gladly provide data for your research.
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