Japanese MySpace Critique

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Japanese MySpace Critique

Post by Stone_Cold » Wed 03.18.2009 8:28 am

I've been using the American* English version of MySpace for quite some years now… until I learned that a Japanese version was available. I decided to switch my profile from the English version of MySpace over to the Japanese version of MySpace and take it for a spin. One of the main reasons why I switched my profile over was because I thought it would be another great way to surround myself with Japanese. I found myself hating the Japanese version of MySpace after only over a short period of time. The English version of MySpace is much better than the Japanese version of MySpace. I hated it for the reason that it’s not organized, many buttons don’t work, buttons are missing, malfunctioning links, absence of features (found on the American* English version of MySpace), and a large absence of Japan’s culture (Ex. friend section and music section). Sure it has some extras and a touch of Japanese culture. However, there was an inappropriate amount of American [etc...] dominance on the Japanese version of MySpace (Ex. music search** only showed American bands***… friend search… laugh). If I really needed to use a Japanese social network, it wouldn’t be MySpace. Nevertheless, there’re many other Japanese social networks to choose from.

* The word American used in this sentence was used as a figure of speech for the United States of America.
** The Japanese version of MySpace did display Japanese bands on the home page. Though, I couldn’t find popular [etc...] Japanese bands when I browsed genres section [etc…].
*** There were many other Bands that weren’t American* in my search results. I’m only using the term American* bands in that sentence as a figure of speech when referring to that they were not Japanese bands.
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Re: Japanese MySpace Critique

Post by keatonatron » Wed 03.18.2009 10:43 am

Myspace is not very popular in Japan. It's only been a "household name" for maybe 2 years or so. It's often viewed as "that site you can go to to get a bunch of western friends and find pages [in English which you can't read] about western bands". Hardly any Japanese people use it to connect with Japanese friends, from what I can tell.

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