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View topic - Joyo or JLPT kanji? :(

Joyo or JLPT kanji? :(

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Joyo or JLPT kanji? :(

Postby kentaku_sama » Thu 03.19.2009 2:16 pm

If you're not planning on taking the JLPT Should you learn Joyo kanji? I think they're more interesting since it dosent give you all the numbers at once unlike the jlpt kanji study. Which method should I study? Joyo or Jlpt
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Re: Joyo or JLPT kanji? :(

Postby Yudan Taiteki » Thu 03.19.2009 2:41 pm

What do you mean "all the numbers"?

The list of kanji is not important. You need a textbook.
-Chris Kern
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Yudan Taiteki
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Re: Joyo or JLPT kanji? :(

Postby ニッキー » Thu 03.19.2009 4:29 pm

Yudan Taiteki wrote:What do you mean "all the numbers"?

I can only guess that they mean that the kanji for level 4 of the JLPT includes 1-10, 100, 1000 and 10,000 which doesn't actually make much sense because the first grade kanji include all those except for 10,000.

(edit: oops, got my statements the wrong way round)
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Re: Joyo or JLPT kanji? :(

Postby farly » Thu 03.19.2009 5:34 pm

Jôyô is not a method but a list of all Kanji officially in use. Whether you learn it in the JLPT sequence, or any other does not change the fact that you most probably learn Jôyô Kanji.

If by Joyo you mean according to the grades, in the sequence the japanese children learn it, that is a fine way of learning Kanji IMO. I started out with the grades, and it was much fun, since there is alot of material for the individual grades. Still, I think one learns Kanji early, that are not that common, and also, I had to work on the composita by myself. In the books following the grades, the composita are really ment for native speakers, who have help from their parents. Learning the numbers is not such a big thing BTW. It is 13 Kanji of the 2'000 you may want to learn eventually.

If I were not doing the JLPT, I would probably study Kanji with Bonjinsha's Basic Kanji Books, and later Intermediate Kanji Books. They seem to have a nice balance of information, teaching how to write, and exercises.
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