Japanese bookstore near you?

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Japanese bookstore near you?

Post by nef919 » Wed 03.09.2005 1:10 pm

It didn't occur to me until yesterday, but I live near a HUGE Asian communtiy and thought there must be a Japanese bookstore nearby. Well there is. Wow what a source of information. This place is the size of a B&N and stock just like it. There were so many magazines, comics, books and DVDs I felt like I was back in Japan. Of particular interest to me were the Japanese versions of American magazines like Playboy and LowRider Magazine just to name two extremes. I picked up a copy of Let's Learn Hiragana on sale for $7.00 and a copy of Arms Magazine (It's about airsoft guns. A hobby I got into in Japan) for 900 Yen. All magazines are cover price based on the average yen rate for the previous month. Very friendly staff willing to let you mangle thier language... eerrr... practice conversations with them.
How many of you are lucky enough to have a Japanese bookstore/other great resource nearby. You guys living in Japan don't count, nice try though :D.
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RE: Japanese bookstore near you?

Post by Schattenjedi » Wed 03.09.2005 2:46 pm

Although there are no only Japanese book stores, a couple bookstores in my city have large collections of manga and Japan magazines. It's all been translated into German but they kept the style of starting the book from the back and so on. I'm satisfied :-) Gotta go to Little Tokio in Düsseldorf if i want the real stuff though.

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RE: Japanese bookstore near you?

Post by ShinDig » Wed 03.09.2005 3:25 pm

Arrgh! You guys are so lucky! Here in Leicester (UK) theres practically nothing like that, especially in Leicester God i live in such a crud town! :@ lol

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RE: Japanese bookstore near you?

Post by kipsta » Wed 03.09.2005 4:37 pm

while the one near my house isn't that large there is a place that sells japanese language magazines and movies
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RE: Japanese bookstore near you?

Post by Kodi » Wed 03.09.2005 5:52 pm

hmm not realy thought about it. I should pick up the yellow pages (dunno if you lot have this where you live if you are outside the UK) and find out if there is anything remotely like that nearby. :)

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RE: Japanese bookstore near you?

Post by ben » Thu 03.10.2005 7:11 pm

I love playing airsoft. Im a real finatic. My friends and i set up all differend kind of playing feilds (with all sorts of bunkers and bases) and we live next to the football feild!

Yea i go to little Tokyo and little Koria and they have japanese stuff.
I also have a Barnes & Noble that has a fair amount of books but tons of Japanese students hang out in the Starbucks Lounge they have there. They are nice and are willing to help.

Where i live, there are also alot of Japanese schools that openly accept begginers and i was supposed to start that a couple of weeks ago but im working on it.
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RE: Japanese bookstore near you?

Post by Qbe » Thu 03.10.2005 11:29 pm

Wow, I'd love to have a bookstore around here with Japanese materials, but there's no such thing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. All of the Oriental markets are run by Vietnamese or Koreans and the local Japanese community is pretty small.

I'd bet that Chicago would be the place to go for a good Japanese bookstore.

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RE: 紀伊国屋書店

Post by Sunny Pig » Fri 03.11.2005 3:48 am

Anyone heard of Kinokuniya? This is one giant chain of bookstores that has outlets in the US, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. You can find a lot of Japanese books there.

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