Heya ^^

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Heya ^^

Post by Xintrepid » Mon 11.14.2005 2:28 am

Hey! My name's Max and im 14 yrs old. Ive been using this site to learn japanese for a couple days now and just now decided to register lol. I know about 20 characters of Hirigana more or less and some grammar. Ive also started trying to learn some vocabulary. Hope I can learn from the more experienced here and help out others like me ^_^.
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RE: Heya ^^

Post by Yurei-chan » Mon 11.14.2005 5:53 am

Konnichi wa! Glad to meet you! I'm studying Japanese too, and phew..hard stuff. I was writing my character's name and mistook a letter..dang i was embarressed when a friend pointed it out. Hope you enjoy yourself here
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