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View topic - 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

母語は?what´s your mother tongue?


Re: 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

Postby sawori » Wed 06.18.2008 5:31 am


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Re: 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

Postby Kawano Katsuhito » Tue 07.01.2008 6:35 am

Kawano Katsuhito
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Re: 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

Postby MFoogle » Sat 07.12.2008 10:54 am

English, but I'm also studying Spanish and Japanese too.
Inglés, pero estoy estudiando español y japonés también.
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Re: 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

Postby KiZA » Sun 07.13.2008 3:46 am

English!! =3
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Re: 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

Postby iev » Fri 07.18.2008 11:36 am

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Re: 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

Postby Devros_ » Thu 07.31.2008 8:38 am

Or maybe I should say Acadian French because it's a dialect very different from standard French.
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Re: 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

Postby Dimension » Fri 08.08.2008 6:24 am

Swedish, but I'm pretty much fluent with English as well.
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Re: 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

Postby adonis0418 » Fri 11.21.2008 11:14 pm

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Re: 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

Postby astaroth » Mon 12.22.2008 10:27 am

My mother tongue is Italian, but I moved to US six years ago and started learning Japanese here.
Few grammatical aspects like dropping the subject, or some expressions like ーて見る (to try to do), or pronunciation like the "long consonant" (as in あっと) are natural to me, because all very similar to Italian but so different to English.

ps in Italian to try to do can be expressed as vedere di fare, where vedere translates into to see, that is 見る.
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Re: 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

Postby Stone_Cold » Sun 01.04.2009 7:07 pm

My native tongue’s American English. :mrgreen:
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Re: 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

Postby Eddie63 » Sun 01.04.2009 8:00 pm

I always get a kick of seeing people staring in silence when I say:
It kills me everytime. :D
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Re: 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

Postby adriannrod » Fri 02.20.2009 2:12 pm


Hehe, I didn't even have to pull out the IME for that one... Copy/paste various other bits.

If it has to be said, I do speak American English, though I'm capable of speaking British. Honestly, they're only slightly different, and American English has a ton more subtleties. XD British English has stresses on strange syllables, and less vowel sounds, from what I've heard. Still basically the same.

I feel lucky to have learned English first, as it seems that if was my 2nd language, it would be an insurmountable task, although that's how Mandarin seems to me right now... :)

I'm also learning:
フランス語 (French is fun!)
ロシア語 (I love certain Russian music!)
スペイン語 (I'm una Mexicana, :P)

And too many others to count, including Korean! I love languages, and cultures! If I didn't want to be a translator so bad, I'd be an anthropologist!

Now that I look, I feel like I'm straying away from the topic, if not sprinting away, so I'll end it here. :)
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Re: RE: 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

Postby Ash96 » Mon 03.23.2009 10:40 am

sushi4ever wrote:

...which is just a mutilated version of english :p
(american english hurts my ears >.<)

Actually American English is closer to Middle English. The British stopped using words that we (Americans) still use like trash(US)=rubbish(UK), where trash was used in the UK around the time the firest British crossed the Altantic. It's the British English that changed not American English, so no mutilation has been done, thank very much.

EDIT: actually some British accents sound mutilated to me. They don't enunciate very well, I can barely understand them sometimes.
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Re: 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

Postby paraguaijin » Thu 04.16.2009 4:15 pm

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Re: 母語は?what´s your mother tongue?

Postby ILuvEire » Tue 04.21.2009 11:46 pm

English, but I also speak Italian and German, and I'm studying Russian and Japanese.
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