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Making sentences

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RE: Making sentences

Postby Variand » Mon 11.14.2005 10:37 am

that is a little crazy.... then again, my parents met while they were both in linguistics schools for the airforce.

Here's something i want to know. When my regular customers are work see me practicing japanese Kana at work, or reading my text book at work, they always think its for class. many saying, "that sucks they are making you take that for school"

1) not in school
2) doing it by myself, for myself
3) and why the hell does it suck???

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RE: Making sentences

Postby Sachi » Mon 11.14.2005 4:11 pm

Just check out the sites listed above, or just check out the grammar pages here. Hey, I've been studying about 7 months and only learned how to make sentences like a month or two ao (not that I was really serious about learning till recently >.< I used a website (was it already listed?): http://japanese.about.com/
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RE: Making sentences

Postby ShurikenWarrior » Mon 11.14.2005 5:21 pm

Is anyone here an expert at japanese?
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RE: Making sentences

Postby nprz » Mon 11.14.2005 5:32 pm

ShurikenWarrior wrote:
Is anyone here an expert at japanese?

What is your definition of expert?

I would consider few Japanese citizens to be experts at Japanese. Most just know enough to get by (read novels, newspaper, etc), but when asked any tough questions they would have to research just like most other people.
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