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で、に、へ ???

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で、に、へ ???

Postby kentaku_sama » Sat 04.04.2009 1:23 am

Ok, this really stumps me on which one to use alot of times!!

に Shows location, kind of like the one that locates the other two. Correct me if I'm wrong. It also can show when such as time, where , and other things I don't know.

で Shows location as well, but in a different way. It shows where the verb will happen and can be controled by に
ex: 私たちは魚屋5時30分行きます。    At 5:30, we will go to the fish shop.

へ  Shows location of current time. Not sure
イチゴはカラクラへいます。  Ichigo is at karakura (town)

I want someone to explain these to me wth examples because I wanna master these, tell me when you use them such as with objects, subjects, verbs ect... and stuff.
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Re: で、に、へ ???

Postby richvh » Sat 04.04.2009 2:47 am

へ isn't location, it's direction. I don't think you can use it with いる at all. You'll commonly see it used with facing verbs like 向かう, or in place of に with motion verbs like 行く.


で indicates a much more general location than に. This is why it is used with place of work, as you generally don't stay in one place while working, and why に is used with verbs like 座る, as you generally don't move around while sitting.

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Re: で、に、へ ???

Postby astaroth » Sat 04.04.2009 9:50 am

kentaku_sama you can look at Tae Kim's guide, where these particles are explained in detail. I think from the question you're not using any textbook so a guide of basic grammar might be useful

kentaku_sama wrote:私たちは魚屋5時30分行きます。

I would have said: 私たちは5時30分に魚屋行きます
kentaku-sama wrote:イチゴはカラクラへいます。

I would have said: イチゴはカラクラいます

Also notice that the place where one works(働く)needs the particle で, while the place where one is employed(勤める)wants the particle に. For instance

Please anyone correct me if I got this wrong.
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