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Kanji Look-up Program

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Kanji Look-up Program

Postby QueenKoyori » Sun 04.05.2009 2:24 am

Okay so, I've been looking for a kanji look-up program. Something like this - http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll295/AzureKoyori/RadicalAwesome.jpg (This program is called japalpha, and the trial version can be downloaded almost anywhere.) When you click on the kanji you want on the box on the right, it gives you the readings/meanings. This would be ideal, if this program was the full version. But unfortunately, I can't find the full version ANYWHERE. I've looked all over the damn net... I can't even find anything similar enough either...

And so my quest to find a good kanji look-up program is pretty much still going. I have yet to find one that works as efficiently as the trial version of japalpha. All I really want to do is to look up foreign kanji by radicals like that, so when I come across a kanji I don't know, I can quickly find out what it means. Personally, I find this the easiest way to look up unknown kanji when furigana isn't available to read. Also, being a beginner, I don't know enough yet to recognize particular radicals to id the kanji on my own.

So I implore to anyone who might know of or have a program similar to what I am looking for.

Thank you to anyone for their time. ^ ^
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Re: Kanji Look-up Program

Postby JaySee » Sun 04.05.2009 4:54 am

How about the multiradical kanji lookup tool on WWWJDIC?
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Re: Kanji Look-up Program

Postby furrykef » Sun 04.05.2009 6:24 am

I don't look up kanji by radical. Instead I draw the kanji in the IME using the mouse, then look it up that way. Of course, it really helps to have a basic understanding of stroke order, but if you do, you're unlikely to have problems even if you get the order wrong, within reason -- even if the kanji is horribly misshapen. (The IME goes by stroke count and stroke direction more than anything; it doesn't really analyze the shape.) I figure that, on the whole, this is probably a much easier way to do it if you're not already trained to use kanji dictionaries (and possibly even if you are).

I second the recommendation of WWWJDIC, by the way. You can even go to Mycroft and get search bar plugins for WWWJDIC (including both the main dictionary and the kanji dictionary) if you use Mozilla Firefox as your web browser.

- Kef
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Re: Kanji Look-up Program

Postby Sairana » Sun 04.05.2009 7:10 am

I've always been partial to JLookUp. Offers several different search options including by radical and components. I haven't used it as much since I got Rikaichan, but I still use it when reading hard copy Japanese and I have to search via the IME pad (I just have the IME pad dump it in Jlookup). I can also search with wildcards and such to see various compounds that use the kanji, etc.

Dunno. There may be better ones out there, JLookUp is getting kinda old, but it's never let me down. :P
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Re: Kanji Look-up Program

Postby Darkseed74 » Sun 04.05.2009 8:44 am

I use Tangorin, which essentially is an improved version of the multiradical kanji lookup tool linked above. As long as you refine your search selecting more elements, the possible matches are constantly updated. It also automatically excludes radicals/elements which could never appears combined with those ones already selected.
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Re: Kanji Look-up Program

Postby richvh » Sun 04.05.2009 9:53 am

I'm partial to JWPce. When I'm home and have a hard time picking out the right combination of radicals and stroke count to find a kanji, I pull out my copy of Nelson's.
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Re: Kanji Look-up Program

Postby yukamina » Sun 04.05.2009 12:13 pm

I second JWPce. It's offline, so it's faster and handier. It's a dictionary, word processor, kanji look-up tool all in one. You can look up kanji by radical, stroke order, reading, or meaning...
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Re: Kanji Look-up Program

Postby German » Sun 04.05.2009 1:54 pm

I use gwaei (http://gwaei.sourceforge.net/). It's a GNU/Linux program but the developer is working to make it work under Windows (he is very fast implementing new features, I expect in less than month it'll be ready). It's free, so maybe you could check it out in a few weeks.
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Re: Kanji Look-up Program

Postby QueenKoyori » Sun 04.05.2009 4:52 pm

Tangorin was the closest too the program. Thanks for it. Though I really wish I could find the full version of that japalpha. The interface is soooo nice. Anyway, thanks again for the tangorin. :3
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