new newbie :P

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new newbie :P

Post by el_irlandes » Wed 11.16.2005 8:50 am

hello to everyone. Im a spanish nihongo learner ;)
i started with 3 hours a week classes (with only 5 students) in october, and a classmate told me about this page. Its superb! Congratulations to everyone that works init.
nowadays i know hiragana, im starting with katakana and dont know any canji (only 1,2,3 and "person" :P). I really enjoy it and i study a lot out from the classes, so i think that for christmas i will know katakana too. I like manga comics, so its another way of learning a bit (if i find them in japanese in the web.... :D)
see you all in the web an forums!
El Irlandes

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RE: new newbie :P

Post by Zeo » Wed 11.16.2005 11:28 am


Welcome to this page :D ;)

I'm sure you'll be done with the katana to christmas :)
Have fun study! Practise makes master :D ;)

- Zeo

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